East Tide Drama was started by Valerie DePalma in 2011 inLos Angeles,California.  The company was started in order to address the problems that come with importing Asian dramas.  Asian dramas are normally sold on DVDs that are not region 1 and thus not compatible with American DVD players, and Asian dramas are not always subtitled.  Therefore, East Tide Drama strives to address these problems and make importing Asian dramas easier for American consumers.


The name East Tide Drama signifies that the dramas imported and subtitled are fromEast Asia.  The name was based upon the Korean “Hallyu Wave” in Japan – Korean dramas and music have become popular throughout Japan and the rest of Asia (just as Japanese dramas and music are popular throughout Asia), and East Tide Drama wants to continue to bring that wave for different Asian cultures to the United States.

East Tide Drama strives to increase the awareness of and the availability of Asian dramas by making it easier to buy DVDs with subtitles.  In this way East Tide Drama also increases awareness and appreciation of the different Asian cultures and media, and by focusing on importing and subtitling the dramas of specific Asian cultures, East Tide Drama raises the quality of the imported dramas and their subtitles.


East Tide Drama offers a variety of services related to subtitling and importing popular Asian dramas.

  • East Tide Drama works with the broadcasting companies ofChina,Japan,South Korea, andTaiwanin order to import the most popular dramas in these countries.
  • East Tide Drama releases the dramas on region 1 DVDs so they can be played on American DVD players.
  • East Tide Drama focuses on the dramas fromChina,Japan,South Korea, andTaiwanin order to ensure high quality subtitles for the dramas.  By focusing on specific countries, East Tide Drama can put more time and effort into making sure the subtitles are not only a correct translation but also make sense for an American audience.  In this way, the dramas can be more accessible to viewers and are not liable to have grammatical mistakes or mistranslations that often plague translations.

Description of Niche Market

The customers for East Tide Drama are those who want to buy Asian dramas inAmerica, especially those who may not speak the native language of the drama.  However, the subtitles on the DVDs can be turned on or off so East Tide Drama also makes it easier for those who speak the native language of the show to access the dramas.

East Tide Drama focuses on importing and subtitling the popular dramas ofChina,Japan,South Korea, andTaiwan.  East Tide Drama sells its DVDs in specialty stores in cities with large populations of these different Asian cultures, but also has an online store that ships anywhere within the United States (and from within the United States for cheaper shipping and handling rates) for those who still want to buy Asian dramas but do not have the means to from where they live.


While many of these dramas have been released on DVD for International audiences, many times they are only released for a certain region and/or do not have subtitles.  Sometimes those with subtitles do not have high quality subtitles.  Also, importing Asian dramas to theUnited Statesis an expensive process since they are usually shipped internationally.  There are many organizations that subtitle or close caption movies, animation, or documentaries, but they do so for a wide variety of languages and/or media and do not focus onAsiaor Asian dramas specifically.


Right now, East Tide Drama focuses onChina,Japan,South Korea, andTaiwansince those countries have the most widely distributed, watched, and popular dramas inEast Asia.  In the future, the company may branch out to import and subtitle popular dramas of other countries such as thePhilippines,Thailand,Singapore, andVietnam.


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