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Japanese SP Movie Available on East Tide Drama Website

September 26, 2011

SP (Security Police), the popular Japanese drama starring Okada Junichi (V6) and Tsutsumi Shinichi (Suspect X) has come out with a full length movie.  The movie is now available for purchase on the website.

Inoue Kaoru (Okada Junichi) is suffering from trauma due to the death of his parents who were killed by terrorists when he was a child.  Ogata Soichiro (Tsutsumi Shinichi) reveals hidden knowledge of the event to Inoue who can’t understand his colleague’s intentions.  Later, while guarding Secretary General Date Kunio with other Security Police officers, Inoue and the officers are under attack from a terrorist plot…and it is possible that Ogata may be involved.

SP is such a popular drama and movie that it is possible there may be an American remake in the future.  Currently, there are negotiations being made with Fuji Television for the rights to the film.